Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation – Owen’s Playground Climb-a-Thon

Saturday, November 14

OPJoin us on Saturday, November 14 from 4-9pm for the Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation –
Owen’s Playground Climb-a-Thon.
Owen’s playground is a beautiful, barrier free playground in production on Bainbridge Island. Our goal is to help the fundraising committee raise at least $9,000 to fund the climbing rock at Owen’s Playground. Anyone can climb, just register for the event below and begin gathering pledges! All participants are asked to gather a minimum of $100 in pledge support prior to the event.

We at Island Rock Gym are proud to be part of the fundraising effort for Owen’s Playground, and our connection to it goes beyond supporting a good cause. Owen’s parents, Stacy and Kelsey, and his brother Elliot, were Founding Members and some of Island Rock Gym’s earliest supporters. Additionally, from the day we opened our doors, our members and guests have enjoyed the
coffee roasted by them at Grounds for Change. In the fall of 2013, their son Owen passed away due to complications from cerebral palsy, and in the difficult months that followed, the idea for Owen’s Playground was born.
The North Cascades are a special place for Owen’s family, so for this event we’ve decided to tackle climbing one of its most iconic peaks – 10,451 ft. Glacier Peak. In one afternoon, we will come together on the climbing walls at Island Rock Gym to collectively summit the height of Glacier…we’re excited to invite our entire community to join us in supporting this creative, playful, inspiring project.


The Owen’s Playground Climb-A-Thon is for everyone! From experienced climbers to kids to adults who have never climbed before, everyone can participate! We have routes that are suitable for all ages, fitness levels, and climbing experience. Never climbed before? No problem! Signing your kids up, but don’t think you can do it? Try it! We love helping new climbers get started…if you can climb a ladder you can climb the rock wall, what better time to try it than for a good cause?


You have two choices to participate: 1) pledge money to a climber, 2) register to climb and collect pledges from others.






  1. Go to
  2. Choose a climber to pledge (if you don’t know anyone you can select IRG Staff, we’ve got ambitious goals that evening!)
  3. Enter your pledge amount and payment info
  4. Enjoy knowing that your pledge is motivating someone to climb hard that night!






  1. Register above for the event – $25 pre-registration, $35 day-of
  2. You will be directed to set up your personal fundraising page where you will collect pledges. All participants are asked to gather a minimum of $100 in pledge support prior to the event.
  3. Send your pledge page out to your personal network – Facebook, email, Twitter – and begin collecting pledges
  4. Come to Island Rock Gym on November 14th and climb as many routes as you can between 4-9pm.
  5. Report your total routes back to your pledge givers and final funds are collected through your fundraising page

On the day of the event, check-in begins at 4pm, and you will be given a card to track your climbs. Both roped routes and bouldering routes will count. Climb as many routes you can between 4-8:30pm, marking each climb on your card. Turn in your scorecard by 8:30 at the latest; between 8:30-9pm we’ll award prizes and celebrate your hard work!

Certain ropes will have designated belayers (IRG staff/OP volunteers) for people in need of a belayer; if you or your friends are belay certified you’re welcome to climb on any open ropes.

Don’t want to climb, but want to donate? Visit our fundraising site HERE.


4:00pm Check-in begins
4:15pm Climbing demo (how it works for those who have never done it!)
4:30pm Start climbing!
7:30pm Climbing ends and prizes awarded for ages 10 and under
8:30pm Climbing ends for ages 11 and up
8:30-9pm Prizes and celebration


The pledge collection website will have pledges set up per lap, though our total goal is measured in feet (10,451!). While the height of our routes vary, a “lap” will be averaged at 30 feet. This means every rope route you climb will be counted as 1 lap. If you’re bouldering, every *3* boulder problems you climb will count as 1 lap.

Not sure how many laps you might be able to climb in one night? You can use the below as a rough guideline, though it will vary depending on fitness level and determination!

Beginner climber (no experience) = 10-15 laps in 4 hours
Generally good fitness level, some climbing experience = 15-25 laps in 4 hours
Experienced climber = 30-50 laps in 4 hours


Owen’s Playground is a sponsored project of the Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation with 501(c)3 federal tax status.

The Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation is acting as a fiscal sponsor for Owen’s Playground. Your donations will be dedicated the playground. In the event, however,  that BIPF is unable to dedicate all contributions for this purpose, the funds will be used by BIPF, at its discretion, to support a similar park project on Bainbridge Island.