Saturday April 21, 2018





It’s time for both our annual USAC climbing competition and our Community Climbing Social, SENDFEST!

USAC Competition (Sessions 1 & 2): USAC Youth climbers, join us for a Redpoint Format comp. You’ll have 3 hours to climb any routes of your choosing; top 3 scores will be recorded. Volunteer belayers will be at each rope, some routes on lead will be available for Jr/A/B categories. Speed climbing will immediately follow each session.

Climbing Social (Session 3): PRIZES! Join us for our wildly popular community climbing session, where everyone walks out with a prize! Climbers of all levels, including beginner, are welcome at the Social. Ever wonder what routes you’d try if you didn’t know what the grades were? Come on in and climb over 45 ungraded routes…you might surprise yourself! Also included in the fun will be speed climbing, a dyno comp, and an after party. Bring your climbing partner and belay each other, or use one of our staff belayers who will be floating around belaying all night. This event truly is for ALL LEVELS of climbers; point totals will be recorded and prizes awarded for all levels (see below).

All climbers MUST have a valid waiver on file; all climbers under the age of 18 must have one filled out by a parent or legal guardian. If you have not yet done so, fill one out HERE.

USAC Sessions:

  • Price:
    • $50 by 4/15/18 ($55 4/16/18 or later)
  • Session #1: Female Youth**/USAC Female Jr/A/B/C/D

    • Registration opens = 8:30am
    • Rules meeting = 9:15am
    • Climbing = 9:30am-12:30pm
    • Speed Climbing = 12:30pm
    • Awards = 1:30pm
  • Session #2: Male Youth**/USAC Male Jr/A/B/C/D

    • Registration opens = 12pm
    • Rules meeting = 1:15pm
    • Climbing = 1:30pm-4:30pm
    • Speed = 4:30pm
    • Awards = 5:30pm

Community Climbing Social:

  • Session #3: Community Comp – Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced/Open/Masters

    • Price:
      • $10 for IRG members by 4/15/17 ($15 4/16/18 or later)
      • $15 for non-members by 4/15/17 ($20 4/16/18 or later)
    • Schedule
      • Registration opens = 4pm
      • Rules meeting = 5pm
      • Climbing = 5:15pm-8:15pm
      • Speed Climbing = 7pm-7:30pm
      • Awards & Prizes = 8:45pm
      • Afterparty = 8pm – ?
    • Climbing Categories
      • Funzies: no scores recorded, just for fun!
      • Beginner: comfortably climb 5.9 and below
      • Intermediate: comfortably climb 5.10 grades
      • Advanced: comfortably climb 5.11 grades
      • Open: comfortably climb 5.12 grades
      • Masters: for climbers 45 and over

**Youth¹: You do not have to be a USAC member to participate, all youth are welcome! If you do not have a current USAC membership, you will be required to purchase a $10 day-membership 24 hours prior to the event. All climbers age 19 and under may choose to compete in either the USAC sessions (USAC comp credit) or the community session (prizes awarded, no USAC credit). 

**Youth²: While female youth climb in the morning, and maleyouth climb in the afternoon, we can accommodate males competing in the female section and vice versa if timing works better for male/female siblings competing together, etc. Please call in advance to inform staff if you intend to do so.

Details & Rules:

  • All competitors:
    • For each route you complete, judge will record route # and point value. ONLY ROUTES SENT CLEANLY (i.e. no falls) WILL BE COUNTED.
    • You have one attempt per turn; if you fall or weight the rope you will be lowered and can choose whether to put your card back in the queue. A maximum of 5 attempts per route are allowed.
    • Turn in scorecards at end of session with 3 highest point values circled.
  • Speed Climbing:
    • USAC Jr/A/B will run a 10m route on official speed holds. There is a single route which climbers will be allowed 2 attempts on.
    • USAC C/D will run a 10m jug haul route. There are two routes, climbers will have one attempt on each route.


In addition to competitors, we need volunteers to make Sendfest a success.  Volunteers will be needed for both belaying and to help with check-ins and scoring.  Time slots will start 30 minutes before each session and will last the entire session. Volunteers will receive 3 IRG guest passes for each volunteer shift worked. Click HERE to sign up!

Getting Here

If you are traveling by ferry to the competition, you can find the ferry schedule HERE. The ferry ride is 35 minutes from downtown Seattle, and we are approximately 5 minutes from the ferry. Weekend ferry traffic can be heavy and backups can occur. Check the ferry website for current status/capacity and plan accordingly. Directly off the ferry, you can find several coffee shops, bakeries and restaurants on Winslow Way (downtown) should you need anything prior to arriving at the gym.